Are you looking for a way to sell your house? Have you consulted with a home inspector?

If you haven’t, and still can’t sell it, it is very important to consult with a professional. All Pro Home Inspection Services is a reputable FHA inspector in Houston TX and the surroundings who has the knowledge and keen eye for details to determinate the overall value of a house. Our inspector use a set of criteria and factors to evaluate the fairest price of the property you want to buy or sell. As a leading home inspector in Katy TX, All Pro Home Inspection Services can save any buyer tons of money in case of hidden or hard to be noticed construction problems. From the other side, for sellers, home inspection can lead to better asking price.

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All Pro Home Inspection Services has proven track of record and a great reputation in Katy TX, which is a guarantee we won’t only provide you with an estimate, but offer you accurate information about the condition of your property and what is needed for further home improvement. Our inspector will offer you the best option in order to increase the value of your home, from furniture rearrangement, upholstery, new landscape design, deck or patio renovation and many others. Since our inspector has vast experience and knows the trends on the market, the selling period of your property will drastically drop.

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) helps borrowers of modest means and credit challenges obtain financing for a home purchase or refinance. The job of a FHA inspector is to look for site hazards, soil contamination, and grading and drainage issues that could create standing water or flooding of the home. The inspector takes pictures from angles that clearly depict the grade of the land and its drainage. There are around 12 conditions of the property and home that must be checked by the FHA inspector.

Trusted Home InspectorWe know that finding a good home inspector is a hard task especially in Katy TX, so why waste your time and money when you can contact All Pro Home Inspection Services? With us, you will have the peace of mind of getting the most accurate home evaluation and the chance to sell faster on a better price, or buy a house on the best price.

If you are new to this and are doing it for a first time, there is nothing wrong to try doing it by yourself. Mostly, house inspections are performed with the same criteria or standards. These may include quality of the walls, roofing, flooring, apertures, ceilings, furniture and the premises. For example, you should determinate do you wall paint is just chipping off, or it has crevices, does the roof leak, are the floors maintained bad, plumbing and electrical system, etc.

House Inspections for Katy TXIf you find yourself in a dead end and you are not sure about something, All Pro Home Inspection Services will be glad to give you a hand. Want more detailed home inspection such as foundation or underground inspection? No problem, just contact us today! Over the years, we have helped hundreds if not thousands of people to make the right decision about their new home and that many people to sell their properties on the best price. All Pro Home Inspection Services is well recognized brand, and if you haven’t herd about us, ask your friends, coworkers or neighbors for referrals. We are fully licensed and insured, and BBB accredited. If that’s not enough we provide testimonials from some of our previous customers. Testimonials can be seen on our google + page.

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Last year I had to move in Katy TX with my family. I had to buy a new house but didn't know nothing about constructions, what and where to look. Thanks to All Pro Home Inspection Services I rejected a house that looked very nice but had serious problems. Thanks to him again I found a house on a very good price...

One other benefit of working with All Pro Home Inspection Services is the prices. Of course, it depends on the size of the property, but still All Pro Home Inspection Services gives the fairest price you can find in Katy TX.

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