My name is Mark Guillerman, I am the owner and operator of All Pro Home Inspections Services, LLC which is based in Katy, TX. I carry out thorough professional building inspections for most of Fort Bend and Harris Counties as well as Bellaire, Texas. Over the past 10 years of my practice I have completed over 1,000 inspections include both newly constructed and used homes, as well as phase inspections (foundation, framing, final, plumbing, electrical, mechanical).



Being a Home Inspector, one that can be truly called a professional, is a never ending process of learning. The codes are always developing and changing, reacting to new building safety products and concerns, as well as damage caused by fires, flooding and Hurricanes. If you are planning to buy a newly built home, you need an inspector that has the experience and knowledge with the building codes. In case you are buying an older home you should make sure that it is in sound condition before you commit to a purchasing contract. For this purpose, you’ll need an inspector that’s willing to crawl under the house if there’s a crawlspace, walk the roof as well as fully investigate the basement and attic spaces even if its one of those soaring hot summer days. Also, an inspector with the right expertise will do the job right first time.

There are a number of home inspectors throughout the Katy, TX and the surrounding counties, but only a few have actually learnt the codes, upgraded their expertise and gone through the rigorous certification exams that I have. My commitment to the field of Home Inspection is best manifested by the level of Certifications I have obtained with the International Code Council (ICC). Any inspector that is ICC certified have the attention and respect of most builders.

In addition to the initial training I had in order to get my Professional Inspectors License, I have also taken 100’s of hours of education seminars, classes, apprenticeships etc…, including swimming pools, Simpson Strong Tie, National Association of Wastewater Treatment (Septic Systems), water systems cross contamination, Plan Review etc. I am also certified as a Response and Recovery Disaster Housing Inspector. After Katrina, I have inspected nearly 1,000 residential homes in the New Orleans area. These are only a few of the reasons why I am the right home inspector for you and your property!

My inspection reports are detailed, complete with code references (new homes) and digital photo’s. I will be more than happy to address all your questions & concerns both during and after the inspection process. Give me a call today for your home inspection in Katy, TX! I look forward to assisting you with your inspection project!

Phone: (713) 480-0913